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主题要求: 描述你自己 Describe Yourself

Describe your profile picture. What color hair do you have? Is your hair long or short? What color eyes do you have? Do you have any facial hair?......




我有黑色的头发和黑色的眼睛. 不过我的头发很短, 近似一个男孩.

I have black hair and black eyes. But my hair is very short, Similar to a boy.


I like natural hair, I wash it every day.


My height 166cm, weight 60 kg, I am in the middle of women in China, I am not short and not fat.

我喜欢穿长裙子. 当然,在旅游的时候,我穿T恤和牛仔裤.

I like to wearing long skirts. Of course, in tourism, I am wearing a T-shirt and jeans.



Dave46  (戴夫)

I have black hair and black eyes.  My hair is very short, similar to a boy's. I like natural hair, I wash it every day. My height is 166cm, and my weight is 60 kg.  I am an average sized woman in China, I am not short and not fat. I like  wearing long skirts. Of course,working in tourism, I  wear a T-shirt and jeans.
Good !!



Roy Burton (罗伊)

Your composition is very good and fully understandable.  Dave's comments are correct. 



Don (当)

You are 5' 5" and weigh 132 lbs.  These would be your figures if you lived in the USA.  This is well written and descriptive.

Don: 您的5 ' 5 “ ,重量132磅。这些将是您的数字如果你住在美国。这是写得很好的描述。


(susen: Don, What is: "You are 5 '5". . . . "?I not understand. )

(Susen: 什么是“ 您的5 ' 5 "...”?  我不理解.)


Don:  Forgive me...Here in the US, we use feet and inches when describing one's height as well as weight (in pounds (lb)-  1 lb.=2.2 kilos)  I calculated your figures into lbs and feet just for my own benefit but thought you might be interested as well.

Don: 请原谅我...在这里,在美国,我们使用英尺和英寸时,描述一个人的身高以及体重(在英镑(磅) -1磅= 2 .2公斤)把您本人的数字计算到磅和英尺只是我自己的想法,而是想你可能会感兴趣的。


Susen: To learn more, I am very willing. Dear Don, I am glad! 
                  (in pounds (lb)-  1 lb.=2.2 kilos)  ?
                  60kg=132 lbs

Susen: 能够了解更多,我非常愿意。亲爱的Don,我很高兴!  

            但是:(在英镑(磅)-1磅= 2 .2公斤) ?


           1 66厘米= 5 英尺5英寸,是吗?


Don : Yes, that is correct.  I discussed this with one of my daughters. She is 5' 2" and weighs 124 lbs.  She works out on her treadmill daily to keep fit and also maintain her weight.  Did you know that many, many American women are over-weight?  They are and I think most Asian women are just the opposite.

 Don: 是的,这是正确的。我在这讨论我的一个女儿。她是5 ' 2 “ ,重量一百二十四磅。她每天练习跑步机保持身体健康,并保持体重。您是否知道,在美国许多妇女是过重?我认为她们是和多数亚洲妇女正好相反。唐


Susen: Don, I understand now . Asia is now the city People weight is increasing, every day, I and my dog  to go running.

Susen: Don,我现在理解了。现在亚洲的城市人的体重也是不断增加,我每天要和我的狗去跑步。


Don: Good for you.  Your dedication shows in your photo.  I'll re-write for you, after all, it is my duty to help in English. right?  "In Asia, many are coming into the cities, life styles are changing and weight is increasing.  Every day, my dog and I go running

Don: 对你有好处。显示您奉献您的照片。我会再为你写,毕竟这是我的责任,以帮助英语。对不对? “在亚洲,许多人进入城市,生活方式正在发生变化,体重不断增加。每一天,我的狗和我去运动。”


Susen: Today, you and I talk, I can study in the tension. (*^_^*) Thank you!

Susen: 今天,你和我的谈话,使我能够紧张的在学习。(*^_^*) 谢谢你!

Susen: Don, you are a serious and responsible teachers, at the same time was a respectable lovely elderly. I love you, I will paint you as a Chinese painting, would you please tell me: What is your favorite subject?

Susen: Don,你是一位严肃的负责的教师,同时是一位可敬可爱的长者。我喜欢你,我将要为你画一幅中国画,请你告诉我:你喜欢什么题目?


Don: I would have to say that I think that you are now my favorite subject.  Since being on Livemocha, I have become entranced by the Chinese woman.  Her grace, elegance and overall appearance has made me come to favor them as a group.  When I am lucky enough to meet them on Skype or other form of webcam, I always come away with a better more content feeling. To me, in that pose, you look regal!!

Thanks for your caring, Susen.

Don: 我只能说,我认为你现在是我最喜欢的主题。自从上Livemocha ,我已变得进入中国女人的旁边。她们的风度,优雅和整体外观让我去支持她们作为一个群体。我很幸运能充分认识她们在Skype或其他形式的摄像头上,给我总是留下一个更好更多的满意的感觉。对我来说,这姿势,你看来是堂皇华丽的!感谢您的关心, Susen 。Don


(Don 今年83岁,美国人,现在还在学习初级德语和简体中文。他确是一位比较严肃的负责的老师,同时是一位可敬可爱的长者。)



Jim (占姆)

Very good, Susen.
I have black hair and black eyes. But my hair is very short, Similar to a boy's. I like natural hair. I wash it every day. My heighth is166cm, and my weight is 60 kg. I am an average sized woman in China, I am not short and not fat. I like wearing long skirts. Of course, when I am touring I wear t-shirts and jeans.


JIM:Dear Susen,
It is understandable to be nervous when you are learning something new. I love your new photo in your messages now. Are you at the Great Wall? Have a wonderful day and a happy mood.
Your friend, Jim

JIM:亲爱的Susen ,这是可以理解的紧张,当你正在学习新的东西。我喜欢你的新照片在您的主题。你是在长城吗?有美好和幸福的心情的一天。您的朋友Jim.


Susen:Jim,my  good friend .The Great Wall is not there. There called Penglai, The Great Wall than a lot of great places.(I do not know the correct spelling?)Penglai is a legend in the Angels have been living here.



Jim: Dear Susen, Is Penglai the mythical mountain or city? It must be a beautiful area. Do you do much travelling? There must be many wonderful places to see in China.
Your friend,

Jim: 亲爱的Susen ,蓬莱神话是山区或城市?它一定是一个美丽的地区。你在旅行?一定看到中国有许多漂亮的地方的。您的朋友


Susen: I tell you tomorrow, my spelling is very slow. Now here I was 5 a.m. and 20 minutes. I want to sleep. You have to point out I misspelled words, Please you!Good night!

Susen: 我明天告诉你,我的拼写非常慢。现在我这里是早上5点20分钟。我要睡觉了。请你指出我拼写错误的文字。晚安!


Jim: Dear Susen,

I will be glad to point out your misspellings. It will be helpful for you with your English. It is 9:36 PM Thursday night here now. Yes, you must get your rest. Have a nice sleep. Your friend,

Jim: 我将高兴地指出您拼错的字。这将有助于你的英语。这是星期四下午9时36分在这里已经是夜了。是的,你必须让你休息。有一个好睡眠。 你的朋友Jim。


(Jim, Good morning!
About “Penglai Mountains”,Is ancient legends of mountain living angel's name. In the eastern part of China's coast. Is a peninsula. All along, people are willing to believe that, at sea, floating a few beautiful island,
There are beautiful houses and music. Now, the legend of the mountains has been confirmed to be a mirage of science.
susen 11-01日回复)






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