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2008-10-27 02:35:00|  分类: 英语学习 |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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In my practice, all the friends and recommendations reply is precious. I will record my progress as a ladder. Thank you very much! My friends!




Morning, I rarely eat breakfast. Sometimes, I will eat an apple. At noon, I will buy rice or noodles, vegetables and some beef or chicken or eggs. After pm 3:00, I usually drink a cup of coffee and eat some cracker. Pm 8:00 o'clock, I always do my dinner. Food often different : I like the composition is: chicken +and  carrots, steak +and  potatoes, lettuce or spinach +and mutton. Some fruit, orange or banana or apples do salad.



Doveign:  "I rarely eat breakfast in the morning.  Sometimes, I eat an apple.  At noon, I buy rice or noodles, vegetables and some beef, chicken or eggs.  After 3 p.m., I usually drink a cup of coffee and eat some crackers.  At 8 p.m., I always make my dinner.  The food is often different, it could be chicken and carrots, steak and potatoes, lettuce or spinach and mutton, etc.  I use some fruit, like an orange, a banana, or apples to make a salad."

“我很少吃早餐是在早上。有时候,我吃一个苹果。中午,我买的大米或面条,蔬菜和一些牛肉,鸡肉或鸡蛋。下午三时,我通常喝了一杯咖啡和吃一些饼干。晚上八时,我总是做我的晚餐。食物往往是不同的,它是鸡和胡萝卜,牛排和土豆,莴苣或菠菜和羊肉,我用了一些水果,例如像橙,香蕉,苹果作沙拉” 。



(2)说:I usually wake up before 7:00am. After that, I eat breakfast and brush my teeth. Then I get dressed and catch the bus. I start work every morning at 9:00am and go to lunch at about noon. Then I return to the office and work from 1 o'clock until 6:30. Sometimes I watch television and sometimes I take a nap for an hour. After that, I have dinner. I usually check email and watch television after dinner. I go to bed after 10:00pm.

我通常,上午7:00之前 起床。在此之后,我吃早餐,刷我的牙齿。然后,我穿上衣服,并赶上公共汽车。

我每天早晨都在上午9:00开始工作到午餐约在中午时分。然后我回到办公室和工作从1点钟,直至6:30点 。

有时候,我看电视,有时我小睡了一个小时。在此之后,我已经吃晚饭。吃晚饭后,我通常检查电子邮件和收看电视。我去睡觉在晚上10:00 。


 DAVE:  Susen, I hope you can open this and watch the videos on youtube. 

 These are good videos to help you say the"r" sound. 


 戴威: Susen ,我希望你能打开这一点,并观看YouTube上的影片。



JIM:  Very well done, Susen, except for 'r' pronunciations is some words.

吉姆:做得很好, Susen ,除了' R '等发音一些话外。


ROY: Well done.  I agreee with the other comments regarding the "r" sound.



Cristian: Check pronounciation  of: breakfast /br/ sound, brush /bra/ sound not /bru/, catch /tch sound/, start /st a:rt/ not /st O:rt/, work /w e:rk/ with the same wowel like -girl, bird;  until /an'til/  the stress is on the second syllable, television, check. The rest is fine.

克里斯蒂安:检查发音: 早餐/br/声音,刷/bra/声音,不是/bru/ ,赶上/tch声音/启动/sta:rt/不是/stO:rt/, 工作/we:rk/,  同wowel一样的女孩、鸟类、到...为止/  an'til  /这重音是放在第二音节。电视,检查,其余的是优秀的。


nieves ^_^ : Susen, I think you need to improve the pronunciation "r". :)

nieves^ _ ^ : Susen ,我想你需要改进的发音从“ r ”开始。 : )



(3)说:The distance from New York to London is about 5500km. Most people travel between the two cities by airplane. A round-trip ticket is about one-thousand dollars. The price can be more during holidays and less with discounts. First-class and business-class also costs more. It is also important to remember the time difference. London is six hours ahead of New York. At 3:00pm in New York, it is 9:00pm in London.



 JIM:That was good, Susen. There are some things you have to work on.

吉姆:这是很好的, Susen 。有一些事情你必须要做。


DAVE:Good  Susen !  You have difficulty with some "R " sounds. You said "remember " very well. I will say these words for you to practice: price, difference

DAVE: 良好的Susen !你有困难的一些“R”的声音。你说“记住”非常好。我会说这些话给你:价格、差异


CHRIS:Very good Susen. Here is my voice too. Practise these words; during, discounts, class

CHRIS:非常好Susen 。这是我的声音了。实践这些话;期间,折扣,阶级



(4)说:Please come to visit the New International Hotel in the convenient city center location. The hotel is just minutes away from great shopping. A bank and a famous caf are next to the hotel. Across the street is a popular bakery. You can also visit beaches by bus, about 15 minutes away. By subway, you can go to interesting shops and gourmet restaurants. You can even visit a discothéque or pub. Taxi service is available 24 hours.



 DON: "Please come to viz-it the New International Hotel in the con-veen-ee-yent city sen-tur low-kay-shun The hotel is just min-its away from great shop-ping. A bank and a famous caf are next to the hotel. Across the street is a popular bakery. You can also visit bee-chez by bus, about 15 minutes away. By subway, you can go to interesting shops and gourmet restaurants. You can even visit a discothéque or pub. Tack-see service is uh-veil-uh-bull 24 hours. :"

      I have rewritten some of the words you had the most touble with.  I have written them phonetically which is as they actually sound. I hope it is not too confusing.  Let me know if this works.  The ideal way would be for me to verbally speak the words to you but my audio facilities do not work on Livemocha.

当: 我已经重写的一些话是你最困难的。我已经写了他们的发音,因为这是他们实际上的声音。我希望这不是太混乱。我知道这个工程。对我来说,理想的办法是在口头上说的话给你,但我在Livemocha上的音响设施不工作了。

SUSEN:  Don, I understand your words, I will work to try it. because Roy to me to do the audio, and your text. I think I will soon complete the text. I think that tomorrow.    唐,我理解你的话,我将努力尝试。罗伊是因为我做的音频,以及您的文字。我想我会尽快完成这课文。我认为在明天。


SUSEN:  JIM, thank you very much for the audio. My sore throat has healed, I can now speak.  



JIM:  I am happy to learn that your sore throat has healed. And the audios are of some help to you. If there is anything else that I can do to help your English studies, I will be glad to help you.

JIM:  我很高兴地得知,您的喉咙已经痊愈。和这对你朗读有一定帮助。如果有别的,我能够帮助你的英语学习,我将很乐意为您提供帮助。


Cristian:  Check the pronounciation of: new, convenient, away, hotel, street, popular, bakery, beaches, by bus, 15 away, interesting shops, gourmet, discos pubs, taxi, available, 24.
        Hey, Susen why don't you add me to your messengers friends...I need to talk to you.

Cristian: 检查发音:新的,方便以外,饭店,街头,流行,面包店,海滩,巴士, 15以外,有趣的商店,美食,迪斯科酒吧,的士,提供24 。嘿, Susen你为什么不将我加入到您的送信的朋友...我要与您交谈。



(5)说:Directions to the New International Hotel. From the airport, take Highway 150 north for about 50km. Take the exit for City Center and turn left at the traffic signal. Go straight for three blocks until you see the post office and turn right. Go two blocks past the café and then turn right again at the bakery. Continue driving east for about 2km and turn right at the bookstore. Go one block. The New International Hotel is on your left.



Jim: Susen, I hope you get my recording. Something has changed at my end. Let me know if you do not get a recording.


susen: Jim, My dear friend, I am here,I say that not  good audio, Because I need you to the amendment. I need you every one of the audio. I am working hard every day.
This week, I work hard to improve my "R" sound.



Jim: I was having problems with my audio. You work very hard and I want to help you as much as I am able.
Your friend,   我有问题在我的音频。你的工作非常艰苦,我想我能多帮助你。您的朋友,吉姆


ROY:Good effort Susen.  I will read the whole script as I see that Jim's audio might not have worked.

           良好的努力Susen 。我将宣读整个讲稿,我看到吉姆的音频可能不会奏效。


Cristian :  Check up the sound of these words: new, international, take, 50 (fifty), km (kilometers), exit, city center, traffic, blocks, post, café, bakery, kms (kilometers)

 检查这些单词和录音:新的,国际组织,采取50 ( 50 ) ,公里(公里) ,出境,市中心,交通,拦截后,咖啡厅,面包店,公里(公里)



英语202单元 9, 课程 1 - 说 Chinese New Year   (08-10-31)

Millions of people travel in China every year between January 21 and February 21. They go by bus, train, and airplane. They go home to be with their families for China's biggest and most important holiday, Chinese New Year. The Year of the Pig began this year on Sunday, February 18. Many people around the world celebrate the New Year. The Chinese celebrate with parties, fireworks, and festivals.



Jim:  Susen, you did well. The only word that you had trouble with is Millions.

        Susen ,你做得很好。唯一的字,你遇到了麻烦的是数以百万计


Terrean: Not too bad. Keep practicing and it will become better.
                      My audio is also not working atthe moment!



DON: I wish my audiop work work so I could read this back to you.  you had trouble with several words but      without audion I cannot tell you how to say them.

   我希望我的工作audiop工作,我就可以阅读本文给你。你遇到了麻烦一些的话,但没有的音频情况下,     我不能告诉你怎么说它们。



英语202单元 9, 课程 2- 说 Sun Safety – Time

In the summer, the sun can be dangerous. It is important to protect your skin when you are outside. You must use sunscreen every two hours. The sun is stronger after 10am, and is the strongest between noon and 4pm. You can get a sunburn in only 15 minutes. Some people go to the beach and sleep in the sun. When they wake up, they have a bad sunburn. Sometimes, people with bad sunburns need to go to the hospital.



Jim:  That was good, Susen, but you have difficulty with a few words.

这是良好的, Susen ,但你有困难几句话。


Terrean:  Keep practicing and some of the difficult words will become easier.




英语202单元 9, 课程 3- 说 Clothes Shopping    服装商场

Mrs. Smith went shopping yesterday. She wanted to buy a new dress and a present for her son. She looked at many different dresses. She did not like the yellow dress or the blue dress. She decided to buy a red dress. She paid about 200 dollars for it. She did not know what to buy her son. She looked at some sweaters, shirts, and pants. She looked at a new soccer ball, but she didnt buy it. Instead, Mrs. Smith bought her son a new watch. 



Roy Burton : You are going well and just need more practice.  I will read it for you slowly.



Terrean : Good job. You are getting better but keep practicing!




英语202单元 9, 课程 4- 说  Seattle Space Needle    西雅图太空针 

 Workers built the Space Needle in Seattle for the 1962 Worlds Fair. It is 184 meters high. During the fair, about 20,000 people used the elevators every day. Visitors went to the Space Needle in order to visit the observation deck. On the observation deck, people can see all of the city, water, and mountains. There is also a restaurant that slowly turns. Today, the Space Needle is still a popular landmark in Seattle. 



dmcgimpsey : Good attempt.  I recommend a lot more practice - try listening to DVD's or online English websites   Keep practicing and good attempt.

很好的尝试。我建议更多的练习-尝试听D VD或在线英文网站的,保持良好的练习和尝试。

  MAR: You did a good job, but you need to practice reading it over and over before your recording to make it sound smoother and more natural.


Roy Burton : You are going well and just need more practice.  I will read it slowly.


Terrean : Good. Keep practicing your reading. Read over and over until you feel that everything sounds right and you are confortable with speaking.


Jim : Susen, that was a good effort. You still need some work on pronunciation of a few words.



英语202单元 9, 课程 5 说   Surprise Party

Gary Johnson went to work last Monday, as usual. He walked into the office, but nobody was there. He looked in the offices. He looked in the cafeteria. He looked in the employee bathrooms. He even looked in the basement. Gary didnt know what to do. He walked back to his office. The lights in his office were turned off. He turned on the lights and everybody he worked with yelled: Surprise! It was Garys birthday. 



 Roy Burton :  Hello Susen.  You are going well but just need more practice.  Listen to my audio.
Best wishes, Roy

Terrean : Good susen. Just keep practicing, you will get much better!





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